About Powerwatts

PowerWatts provides an engaging group cycling environment while maintaining personalized workouts and coaching.

Using your own critical power, workouts are scaled to make sure everyone in the class is pushed, whether they are new to cycling or training for an Ironman. The program is tailored to teach and improve cycling skills while progressively increasing fitness. Classes focus on quality, high intensity interval training which makes for highly effective training in 60, 90 and 120 min sessions.

Over the course of a season, cyclists can expect to see a 5-15% improvement in their cycling fitness with consistent workouts and sticking to the PowerWatts program.  Riding with other cyclists helps to increase motivation so whole classes will continue to reach their fitness goals together.

The PowerWatts system seamlessly integrates hardware and software that provides an engaging and motivating experience for participants.  In addition to a dynamic display/dashboard that features performance in real-time, “MyReports” provides participants with their complete training history and numerous metrics to evaluate and improve their overall cycling performance.